Like most people, you probably welcome some assistance in sorting through endless and often confusing information about healthier living. We've developed the Searle healthNet to:

ABOUT SEARLE: Millions of people will use Searle products at some point in their life. Enter here to learn about the company and its people.

MODERN ONLINE RESOURCES: Here at Searle we have been sure to stay head and shoulders above the rest by providing up-to-date knowledge on modern resources for healthy living online. 

As part of our growing database we would like to discuss the proliferating world of Nootropics, including everyday smart pills from Modafinil and to the less well known Piracetam. Each of these products has influenced the "healthy living" way of life we've described over the years. 

Whether it be "biohacking" to attain a better grade or relieving depressions and anxiety, consumers from all over the globe are able to order medicines and research chemicals directly to their door.

HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS: Searle focuses its expertise and resources around the globe on some of today's most pressing health concerns. Improve your "health IQ" with information about a variety of medical and wellness issues in which Searle has expertise, including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and women's health.

THE PIPELINE GAME: Why do medications take so long to get to market? How are drugs tested for safety and efficacy? Why do they cost what they cost? Play this fun and innovative game to discover the answers firsthand.

If arthritis management is of special interest to you, take a quick side trip to another Searle site, the Arthritis Connection's Better Living Spa. In the Spa, healthcare professionals and patients with arthritis pool their expertise to offer practical tips and advice on living positively with this disease.

Or, if you are a healthcare professional with a question about a Searle product or our areas of therapeutic expertise (arthritis, cardiovascular disease, sleep and women's health), visit SEARLE IQ.

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